Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Are you a student from the UK interested in studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) but your personal or educational circumstances have meant you are unlikely to achieve the grades typically required for Oxford courses? If so, then choosing to apply for PPE with a Foundation Year might be the course for you.

There are up to 8 places available on this course. Typical A-level entry requirements are BBB. We do accept other types of qualifications and further information about academic entry requirements is available on the University of Oxford website.

Hear from a PPE student

Ras.I took part in the pilot foundation year programme at Lady Margaret Hall and is now a PPE undergraduate at Oxford.

Hear what he has to say about studying a foundation year at the University of Oxford.


Subject Pathways

Subject Requirements: N/A (Maths recommended)
What will my week look like?

You will attend several hours of classes every week, carry out independent reading, complete weekly assignments for each module and participate in regular meetings with tutors to discuss work. In each term you will study two of the constituent subjects of PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) as well as a mathematics module. Each module should deepen your subject interest and build your skills in independent study.

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Oxford's iconic Bodleian Library is the largest university library system in the UK, holding over 13 million printed items on 400 km of shelving. This means that it is possible to complete your studies here without having to buy a book.

PPE helps students to develop a wide range of skills to a high level. Oxford PPE students have gone on to work in a variety of careers, including business, charity work, education, financial services, law, and public service. Read more about this on the PPE undergraduate course page.

There are also a number of student societies linked to PPE subjects that you can join including: Commercial Awareness Society; Conservative Association; Diplomatic Society; Forum for Questioning Extremism; Labour Club; Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship Society.

Go beyond what is covered in the classroom with Oxplore. Look at big questions that tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects, and engage in the kind of critical thinking students undertake at university.

Does truth exist?  Would you pay everyone the same?  Should under 18s be allowed to vote?